TEAM EEI would like to share some of our client's success stories and comments. These items are brief remarks from our clients whom have been assisted with training, job seeking activities, worksite modifications, application assistance, job coaching and other TEAM EEI related services. It is our goal to offer as much or as little assistance as each individual needs or wants. The final goal of obtaining and keeping employment is always on our minds when assisting someone with their career hunt and objectives. The communications between the employer, the potential new employee and other agencies as well are a must when adding a person with a disability into the workforce of a diversified employer. TEAM EEIcommits to maintaining good and open communications with all parties in order to allow the “team” to all be aware of the status of the potential or new employee. Please read these comments from our clientele and share in their satisfaction of TEAM EEI services. You may contact William Estrada at:
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