William Estrada has always been a hard working individual and he has long sought to be a successful entrepreneur. From working part time as a professional photographer in his early years to his term as a restaurant manager he has dedicated himself completely to all of his responsibilities and commitments. There has not been a job that William has done that he did not enjoy, whether it was when he was a United Parcel Service (UPS) driver or as a line cook for Burger King. William states,
"Every situation that I have encountered has been a learning experience for me. To this day, I make sure that I learn from all of my endeavors."
After losing his vision from an automobile accident in 1988 William has driven himself even harder to become successful. William's hard working philosophy is based on a committed goal of a strong work ethic, good communication with everyone that he deals with on a daily basis and the willingness to continuously learn new techniques and strategies. This has been made possible by the utilization of specialized adapted computers, hard work and determination and a strong quest for success.
"   Business is a continuing education, so I have had to learn and develop new methods both technical and practical so I could keep up with things related to my clients and my business."
says William.
"I feel that if a person with a disability is given a chance, they can demonstrate how able bodied they really are."
William is often proud that he can demonstrate to an employer or even to a client who does not feel that he or she can do something due to their disability that it can be done and done well, if the person is determined enough to make it work.
There is great satisfaction experienced by William when he knows that one of his clients has been successfully placed in a new vocation and they are now a part of the workforce and earning wages for a job well done. The improvement in a person's life when they are making a wage for a job well done is both gratifying and a pleasant feeling to experience. This is what William considers SUCCESS.
William's participation on various boards of directors, community based forums and over twenty (20) years of contract work allow him to share his expertise. Both Federal and State Government agencies, small and large corporations and disabled individuals motivate William to continue to pursue the professionalism and to maintain the reliable and proficiency reputation that the TEAM EEI brand has earned.

- William E. Estrada -

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